Month: November 2008

crisis averted.

Thanks to my BIL Allan,we now have one working toilet. as of 8:30 am we were with a functioning toilet. both were flooding the bathrooms. now at least the down stairs one is fixed.Thank you God.

maybe it is for the best.

so I have lost the comments on some of my blog entries.Comment Luv was a bit of a change to handle.I really like the way the site is now and maybe I never should of added comment luv in the first place.At least now… Continue Reading “maybe it is for the best.”

now how do I fix this one.

I do not know what happened but the blog has gone bonkers on me and I donot know how to fix this.Some how the templete got changed and I lost all of the comments that were made,comment LUV is missing.this this tops off a… Continue Reading “now how do I fix this one.”

a continuation of the head games rant.

I was just asked what happened to me while I was in the Air Force that would warrant a disability rating. well for one I became suicidal,I became an alcoholic.and started to abuse drugs. At one point I had a military psychiatrist tell me… Continue Reading “a continuation of the head games rant.”

head games/a bitter rant.

I said to myself that I would not publish this! I did say that,but the more I sit here the more I feel I have to say this and so now I will publish this any way. the Veterans Administration will keep screwing the… Continue Reading “head games/a bitter rant.”

I’ve got a song running through my head. A rant about PEACE!!

given the recent events in the world.I have a snippet of a song running thorough my head”WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS” I think we all need to look at the things we have in common that what we do not have in common.the saying… Continue Reading “I’ve got a song running through my head. A rant about PEACE!!”


Today is a great to be thankful for friends and family.I hope that you take the time to celebrate our individuality and our commonality. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL !!!

Sandee thank you for these. since she gave these away to all of her regulars.I am going to do the same thing.Be blessed and have a safe thanksgiving.


I’m grateful for a few things like having my home and only having 10 more years to go before it paid of.The best reason for having this home is Celestine who has been my wife,my lover,and my best friend for the past 28 years.… Continue Reading “grateful.”

the newest one!

Sandee is giving this away to every one who leaves a comment.So with this being said I choose to do the same thing! I HOPE THAT EVERY ONE HAS A GREAT THANKSGIVING!

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