a continuation of the head games rant.

I was just asked what happened to me while I was in the Air Force that would warrant a disability rating. well for one I became suicidal,I became an alcoholic.and started to abuse drugs. At one point I had a military psychiatrist tell me that I was manic depressive (what is now called bi-polar) to my face,and that he was not going to give me any disability.than he turned around and wrote that I had a personality disorder that was prior service. This is a common practice that is being done now to veterans who served in Iraq and Afghastan to deny service men and women a disability benefit This practice was done to the service people who were in during the Viet Nam era as well. now I wish I had been successful at one of my attempts,than I would not have had to be going through what I do now.
do not get me wrong,if I had to do it all over again I would do so.I was proud to raise my hand and take the oath that I took to serve this country as do every one who enters military service does. I was also proud to serve my country as a member of the U.S.Air Force, just as My Dad was a Proud member of the U.S.Army Air Force when he was in.

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  1. It has always saddened me that a person is willing to give his/her life to fight for their country and yet the government turns around afterwards and refuses to help them out with decent benefits and such. It\’s as if they\’re saying…ok, you fought for your country, now you\’re on your own. Grrrrrr! I know many veterans who have been fighting to get a decent living but it\’s just not happening.

  2. Pea,I not aking for the sun moon and the stars like wall street or the auto companies.If the were to give me $400 a month that would be enough for us to buy a new car.

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