head games/a bitter rant.

I said to myself that I would not publish this! I did say that,but the more I sit here the more I feel I have to say this and so now I will publish this any way.

the Veterans Administration will keep screwing the veterans who have problems due to their service to this country and have filed for assistance just to be denied again and again.As I have been.
If you are a wall street business that has squandered millions and are in a financial tailspin. Our government will bail them out.
Give a veteran disability payments due to service related problems well HELL NO WE WILL NOT GIVE THEM ONE DAMN CENT!! My appeal was denied again,Thanks a hell of a lot United States of America and the V.A.I guess what I need to do is to get on a high priced attorney that has political connections and will pull strings to get a ruling in my favor and that will have to give my soul to the attorney.I guess I have to get on my hands and knees and kiss the rear end of my congress man and senator.

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  1. So sorry to hear about this. Is there anything we can do to help — like write letters to somewhere on your behalf.

  2. Yertle,thank you for the offer.but if my doctors cannot convince the V.A. to budge i do not know what will.I\’m just going to file another apeal.and just keep at it untill they give up.

  3. All to often the Veteran doesn't provide enough documentation to support a service connected disability or does something stupid while doing the c&p examination. Rember disability begins with the BEGINNING of pain. You don't work through pain. Did you use a VSO? Did your VSO tell you what documents you needed to prove your claim? Did you provide those documents? If you were trying to show a connection between what you currently have and what you believe to be a service connected disability, did you provide a Medical Nexus Opinion Letter? If you didn't do any of these things, then it is like running a marathon w/o getting in shape to do so. Just because you feel something should be, you need to prove it. A good VSO would be able to direct you as to what you needed to win yur claim.

  4. Anon, I did every thing that you said to do.what really screwed me was the damn,psych doctor(quack) saying one thing to me and than putting something totall different in the report.

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