Day: November 11, 2008

great.just effing great.

Great now some effing spamer is using my GMAIL AND ONE OF MY YAHOO email address’s to spread spam.I only hope that the son of a bitch has not grabbed my address book as well. but probably has. so I guess I’m screwed. damn… Continue Reading “great.just effing great.”

Prayer request.

I have a link to the Sewingmom site.She has a posting for prayers for 2 families. one is for baby Mia and her family,Mia is getting a heart transplant. and prayers are being asked for for the family that lost a child,and they graceously… Continue Reading “Prayer request.”

A Prayer request.

I have a blogging friend who needs our prayers and morale support. Christina’s Mom has breast cancer,lets add her Mom to our prayers.Please.

Glenn Miller- In the Mood Music Monday

For all Veterans Now and forever!

I know that this is a day early,But it speaks to me. God Bless every one whom has served in our military and those that will. TO MY FELLOW BLOGGERS,PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND PASTE THE WEB ADDRESS LISTED HERE! SPREAD THE… Continue Reading “For all Veterans Now and forever!”

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