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Awards Galore.

I got all these great awards from one GREAT LADY! BING aka Pink Lady I thank you from the bottom of my heart.I am giving these away to all that fit the bill,ESPECIALLY Sandy,Mari and everyone that that has been supportive to me during… Continue Reading “Awards Galore.”

Twice in One week.

I got this for a second time this week.Thank you AUDRINNA.

Thank you Sandee for these awards.

Sandee I thank you for these awards. Now then, this time I am spreading the love to every one who visits with me this week. YOU ALL GET THESE AWARDS!!!!! This includes all the great Entrecard droppers as well.!!!!

my newest award.

Thank you Bing for this award! Now for the Rules for this award.1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog (or hyperlink).3. List 10 things that make you happy.4.… Continue Reading “my newest award.”

A New Award.

Charlotte passed this award out to a lot of people. The rules say to like back to 5 people.That’s what the rules say,but as Charlotte said she could not limit it to just 5 people and I cannot as well,so therefore I give this… Continue Reading “A New Award.”

An Award

This is my newest award that I just recieved from Wanda’s Wings now I am supposed to pass this one to 5 people so here the delema.I bending the heck out of these rules and award it 1) AMIAS now here is the tricky… Continue Reading “An Award”

an award.

I recieve this award from Audrinna. This is one of many awards that I lost when my computer crashed,Audrinna thank you for the reminder to get this. Also you asked where I parked your site.I could not find where I had parked it so… Continue Reading “an award.”

Open Awards

Finding Pam,is passing out these award to her frequent visitors.I am doing the same as well.IF YOU WANT THEN COME AND GET THEM. And of course no appoligies to the group BADFINGER.

2 awards

Thank you Pink Lady for these 2 awards.I forgot to post thes with all the ranting I did about entre card, well I have one more cheap shot to take at them,I had 22075 ECs when my blog got deleted.

Awards Glore. (Posting #1192)

Finding Pam is passing out all of these awards to all that read her blog,and I’m gonna do the exact same thing.I hope that every one has a Great Weekend!

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