crisis averted.

Thanks to my BIL Allan,we now have one working toilet. as of 8:30 am we were with a functioning toilet. both were flooding the bathrooms. now at least the down stairs one is fixed.Thank you God.

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  1. There are lots of things you can go without, but a working toilet isn\’t one of them. Glad you have at least one working. I\’m hoping you can get the upstairs one fixed too.Have a great day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Thank God for working toilets! lol I need to have mine changed one of these days, it\’s really starting to act up. It\’s over 30 years old so the poor thing needs to be retired!!

  3. Amen! Thank you God for working toilets.Sorry it was rough for you there fo a bit.

  4. Jennifer, you bet.Brenda,no outhouse unfortunaly.So I\’m glad that he was able to fix the first floor toilet.

  5. Oh my goodness Mike I didn\’t realize that you were without any working toilets.A toilet is definitely a very handy thing to have. I am so glad that now at least you have one.I hope and pray that the upstairs will be fixed soon!!Big Big hugs for you!!:-)

  6. Shinade.thanks for stopping by.the week has been a bit trying to say the least we have a lot of appointments this week and we do have one of those portable toilets in our bedroom so if we have to go during the night we can with out going downstairs to use that toilet.

  7. Glad you now have the toilet fixed. That is just something that is very hard to go without, been there done that before. Nice blog Mike, very down to earth.Jodi

  8. Jodi,that was no fun indeed.I jusrt wished I could have been able to fix the toilet ms self,but with having seizures that was not an option.

  9. Mike,Sounds like you have lots of frustration going on. I feel for you and all the veterans. You sure don\’t seem to be treated the way you deserve to be after sacrificing for the country. Glad you got the toilets fixed and the blog seems to be working. Hang in there. Hugs,Tamara

  10. Tamara,I quess I just do not count only the ceo\’s that run their companies into the ground and than the government will bail then out,but a veteran no way.

  11. Dear Mike,At first I thought your BIL was reason that the toilet was backed up but then I realized he fixed one! LOL!! ANYway… I\’m glad he fixed it for you, that is such a blessing.I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, and I\’m sorry your new comments thing did not work out. This is just as nice, it is good to be able to leave you comments.:) Have a great day, Mike, and I\’m throwing in some hugs too.:) Your friend,Tart:)

  12. Tart,thank you for stopping BIl did fix the toilet. Every time we flushed the toilet toilet water was leeking out real bad.he fix that one.

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