Month: December 2008

Prayer Request.

Sandra is asking for prayers for her brother Paul. I put a link up so everyone can go and offer morale support.

With the New Year soon to be here … ( A Double Dog dare)

As the title states,with the New Year just around the corner. I double dog dare you to post your silliest thing that you ever did to celebrate New Years!Here it the Silliest thing I have done. I was on temporary Duty Assignment(TDY) to an… Continue Reading “With the New Year soon to be here … ( A Double Dog dare)”

the latest one.

Storyteller (just created this award)and Sandee were both kind enough to give this away. As everyone knows imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,so I’m giving this away to every one who has been kind enough to leave me a comment during the MONTH… Continue Reading “the latest one.”

something to think about.

I was just visiting one of my friend’s site via the reader. and she had posted that she found another person with the exact same name as hers and that she is the same age. the weird thing would be if they were both… Continue Reading “something to think about.”

Vintage Sesame Street-Rubber Ducky (Ernie) Momisodes this is just for you!!

Cleveland, Ohio – A view from your biggest fan! Silly Willy and Fluffy asked me to post some cleveland stuff.

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy’s Christmas) (CC)—13Q0g I think this will be the last Christmas post for this year. Well maybe not!

The Bathroom is Done!

as the title says, the bathroom is done.we still have to put up the towel racks and the T.P. holder.The main stuff is done. the floor tile got put in and the painting was done,The new toilet was put in today! So now we… Continue Reading “The Bathroom is Done!”

A new one.

Storyteller created this and gave it to everyone who has commented on her blog in the last three weeks. So I am doing the same thing. Thank you Storyteller and Sandee who is giving this award away in the same manor as well.

Today is the big day!

Today is a milestone for Rambling Stuff,it is officially 1 year young! Hard to believe that I have been writing this blog foa a yea now,and it is my 600th post to boot.

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