Day: November 12, 2008

If this had happend to you,I’m sorry.

to every one. some BOZZO had mananged to breach my GMAIL ACCOUNT and has been sending spam in my name.If you have recieved any of this garbage I’m sorry that it has happened. I reported this to GOOGLE.I have made some changes in my… Continue Reading “If this had happend to you,I’m sorry.”

I just had to.

Mari had this up and it is a form of a double dog dare. you are asked to share your most klutzy moment. Mine was when I was running to a back-up can in the jail and ended up tripping over my own two… Continue Reading “I just had to.”

a great posting

My blogging friend Nick has a great veteran’s day posting on his site.Please go and check it out.Thank you Nick.

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