maybe it is for the best.

so I have lost the comments on some of my blog entries.Comment Luv was a bit of a change to handle.I really like the way the site is now and maybe I never should of added comment luv in the first place.At least now I know when someone posts a comment. under the comment luv system I had to keep checking my blog to see if someone posted a comment.So I guess that this is a blessing in desguise and I’m not gonna rock no more boats.

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  1. I\’m liking that you are back to the old way. You should be able to go back to whatever that new comment place was and find all your comments. You can just copy and paste them in. I did that when I had Halo Scan for all those months. Took me forever, but I put them all back in my blog. Big hug honey. I know you\’ve had a very tough day. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee,I\’m not gonna rock the boat,just leave the blog alone.Except change the template now and than. Getting my notice that I was denied by the v.a. was bad enough,but the first floor powder room toilet started leeking real bad. when it rains it pours.

  3. Thanks for the best wishes on my anniversary, Mike! And just to let you know, 29 years is not too much different than 30! Can you believe we\’ve made it this long? (It really doesn\’t seem that long, though!)

  4. Southern Mom, the best thing is that we have lasted this long,that we still love and care for each other.My youngest sister and her husband will be married 29 years in march and our middle sister will be married 28 years.

  5. oh my Mike,You have had an awful week. I am so sorry to hear that you were denied. But don\’t you give up. You keep fighting.It took me 8 years of fighting after being declared 100% disabled to get the government to forgive my student loans.But they were successful at cheating me out of SS disability. they forgot to send me a notice and I missed a dead line by 1 day. So now I can never ever get it for the rest of my life.I have to wait until I am 62 and get my regular SS.And oh my sorry about your blog problems too. I too can so empathize you here too.For 2 weeks now every time I turn my on something happens that\’s not good.My bathroom isn\’t leaking but that could happen anytime too.You take care and don\’t let them get you down.You are simply the best ever!!Big hugs for you!!:-)

  6. Shinade, the week just keeps getting worse.the toilet that my cousin fixed is leaking again and the first floor one is out of commissin as well.what else is comming to rain on my parade???

  7. Mike,I\’m sorry you\’ve been having a tough time lately. I\’m praying for you. Remember to lean on God.Blessings,Mary

  8. I\’m too techno challenged to know what you are talking about. Have a great day.

  9. I\’m glad that things are better. And I like the new blog template. Very cheerful!

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