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Thank you Applebees.

Dear Applebees,thank you for the great sirloin steak lunch that you gave me for being a Veteran,and the cute thank you pin as well.

That year has gone fast

It is hard to believe that it has been a year already. Celestine gave me a “Re-Birthday card” today to show me how grateful she is that I survived my last suicide attempt. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID AS WELL. THE FIRST… Continue Reading “That year has gone fast”

A great day to be alive.

today is a great day to be alive! Today is POSITIVE DAY HERE IN THE LAND OF BLOG! This being said I am greatful to DIVA DAUGHTER FOR COMMING UP WITH THIS GREAT IDEA.For those who do not know who Diva Daughter is she… Continue Reading “A great day to be alive.”

good news.

I was just over visiting my friend Nick and he has some good news about Camryn. the Nine year old girl that I posted a prayer request for.She is improving,so let’s keep her in our prayers.

crisis averted.

Thanks to my BIL Allan,we now have one working toilet. as of 8:30 am we were with a functioning toilet. both were flooding the bathrooms. now at least the down stairs one is fixed.Thank you God.


I’m grateful for a few things like having my home and only having 10 more years to go before it paid of.The best reason for having this home is Celestine who has been my wife,my lover,and my best friend for the past 28 years.… Continue Reading “grateful.”

Lookie what I just got!

My friend TRACY gave me this award.Thank you Tracy I’m honored and humbled that you gave me this! I’m giving it out to all that have stopped by to comment on my blog. For you have shown me your Grace in your remarks,and I… Continue Reading “Lookie what I just got!”

Ike slammed us here in Ohio

Ike or what was left of him slammed into Ohio and took out trees power lines and even a few lives. I’m grateful that things were not worse that they are.That being said we lost out power on Sunday Night and just got it… Continue Reading “Ike slammed us here in Ohio”

my google reader.

To all my blogging friends; it is with a heavy heart that I took the action that I did today. I have dumped my Google reader of the over 100 blogs that I have been following. The heartache that I feel from reading all… Continue Reading “my google reader.”

So Far So Good.

Well today is going good so far. I did start visiting a litttle.My comments will be brief for the time being.This being said,I read a great post today by my friend Jennifer,called beauty.I recomend the read to every one. so much so that it… Continue Reading “So Far So Good.”

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