Day: November 30, 2008

crisis averted.

Thanks to my BIL Allan,we now have one working toilet. as of 8:30 am we were with a functioning toilet. both were flooding the bathrooms. now at least the down stairs one is fixed.Thank you God.

maybe it is for the best.

so I have lost the comments on some of my blog entries.Comment Luv was a bit of a change to handle.I really like the way the site is now and maybe I never should of added comment luv in the first place.At least now… Continue Reading “maybe it is for the best.”

now how do I fix this one.

I do not know what happened but the blog has gone bonkers on me and I donot know how to fix this.Some how the templete got changed and I lost all of the comments that were made,comment LUV is missing.this this tops off a… Continue Reading “now how do I fix this one.”

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