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At first I thought that

At first I thought that my DSL and/or my router took a powder because I could not drop my Entrecard cards. I was wrong. Entrecard is down again. What else it’s the weekend. My router and my DSL are just fine. I have had… Continue Reading “At first I thought that”

Oh hell not again.

In December I wrote about toilet problems that we were having and how both toilets had to be replaced. Well folks we here at Golch Central are having problems again. The powder room toilet is leaking like a sieve and occasionally the upstairs toilet… Continue Reading “Oh hell not again.”

Oh well stuff happens.

During the weekend I tried to post a video by Katrina and the Waves “I’m walking on sunshine”but could not.Darn it.

now if only…

Now if I can only figure out why this computer “forgets”there is a keyboard attached I do not know!Any body got any sugestions???

befor you go acusing me of…..

I placed a never forget tribute to 9/11/01 on my side bar.I believe in my country.I believe that every one has a RIGHT TO THEIR BELIEFS. I DO NOT ENDORSE VIOLENCE AGAINST SOME ONE ELSE OVER THEIR BELIEFS.This being said I do not believe… Continue Reading “befor you go acusing me of…..”

the videos.

I may not be posting any you tube videos for the time being.I hate that I can post a video and it would play for a day or so than it will not.so there for I am not going to frustrate myself any more.It… Continue Reading “the videos.”

A word,if I may.

I know that I am not supposed to be judgemental as a member of the Compassionate Bloggers.Unfortunaly I just have to draw the line about drunk drivers,no matter what they drive and or ride on/in.Reverend Mother Maitri,Please forgive me on trhis one.

Jumping onto my soapbox.

Well I guess it is time that I jump up on my soapbox,and stick both my feet in my mouth at the same time. I was just reading some blogs that are condemning the increase funding for stem cell research.the argument that that is… Continue Reading “Jumping onto my soapbox.”

friday and saturday update.

here is an update. Yesterday I posted Andy Kaufman singing to Mighty Mouse that will not play.Sorry about that. Now on a personal note: While Celestine was out and about doing some errands.our car failed to start,AAA and her Sister were called and instead… Continue Reading “friday and saturday update.”

On Addictions.

Folks I have come to the conclusion that I am a computer addict. I’m addicted to blogging and got addicted to things like Entre card and Twitter. Well to correct said addiction I have quite twitter.and will be leaving Entre card when the last… Continue Reading “On Addictions.”