I’ve got a song running through my head. A rant about PEACE!!

given the recent events in the world.I have a snippet of a song running thorough my head”WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS” I think we all need to look at the things we have in common that what we do not have in common.
the saying that is being touted by some Muslim fanatic’s”death to the infidels” is over used.the Crusaders used it to justify their attacks on the Muslims and Not it is being used as a reason to kill non Muslim people,that just stinks. If every one would realize that the Karon,and the Bible have similar stories and similar people as part of their religion they would really see that we are not that different.
There is no need for the killing that goes on and on and on,when is it gonna stop? Why can’t we be friends,and not killers of each other,For what? Live and Let live,is that too much to ask? would it be OK,what if Allah,God,Buddha,and heavens know who else would shout from the heavens to every living soul to stop it.Would that finally end all the silly conflicts the we humans have,would it make us realize that we all have a right to live the way we do.

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