Month: March 2008

as I stated.

As I have started a new tradition here at rambling stuff. My newest thank you goes out Grandy at she gave me a great Pat on the back on here site as well as a bunch of our blogger neighbors.

a special thank you

I have a couple of people to thank, 1) the kind gentileman at for his kind remark about me being altruistic.Jenn at for her kind comment about me as well.I’m honored that thes two individuals think so highly of me. I know… Continue Reading “a special thank you”

Man do I ever feel dumb.

when I open up my home page today and saw all of the Red Skelton videos up I was flabergasted,it took several days for them all to I deleted most of them and if someone’s comments were deleted as well sorry about that.note… Continue Reading “Man do I ever feel dumb.”

Ragged Old Flag some one posted this in resonce to Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance He did this on Jan 14 1969,and I feel it has the same meaning today.

Alec the Piper – Amazing Graze

Easter weekend.

we had a great Easter this year we visited my family one sunday,and than we visited her family Today.The reason for splitting the visits to the family was to make it easy for me to rest between the it was yesterday night I… Continue Reading “Easter weekend.”

Egg shell land.

CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE A LARGER VERSION. The picture shown is a scaled down version that the Manolio Family have been doing for the past 50 years.They could not put the pegs into the ground to do the elaborate displays as they… Continue Reading “Egg shell land.”

I mananged to hit the 100 make.

with posting the videos and my thought I have surpassed the 100 blog make. this is a good thing for me. in December I wrote 4 blogs,January was 29 blogs, February was 43 blogs and so far this month counting this one I have… Continue Reading “I mananged to hit the 100 make.”

with thanks to those who have served our country.

I know that I go off on tangents,and even diatribes against the political machines of our country.This is why I’m grateful for being born and raised in this country.we have the right to disagree with things,we have the right to print and speak about… Continue Reading “with thanks to those who have served our country.”