Easter weekend.

we had a great Easter this year we visited my family one sunday,and than we visited her family Today.The reason for splitting the visits to the family was to make it easy for me to rest between the visits.as it was yesterday night I had a real bad seizure.Than whne we visited her Mom and Brother,we had a good time together but still I had a couple of seizures.

The next thing I want to say is I tried to post a you tube item today and for some reason it will not attach to my blog site.so I will try to add it into this blog,if I can.If not here is the name of the video and you can go to you tube to watch it. Red Skelton say the Pledge of Allegiance,it is just as powerful of a message as it was in Jan 14 1969 when he did this,as it is today.

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  1. That\’s some \’Easter\’ display! Is that your yard? I\’m glad to know you had a good Easter.Hugs and blessings,

  2. Good Evening Mike,I\’m glad yall had a wonderful Easter and was able to visit both sides of the Family. It does make it difficult when you have 2 sides to visit huh? I know it is for us. My DH\’s side of the Family used to have their Easter Family gatherings on Sunday, but this year they had it on Saturday. Well that happened to be the same day as my surprise Birthday party and we didn\’t get to go to my DH\’s side to visit. I really enjoyed Red Skeleton\’s Pledge of Allegiance. I really don\’t know how to put those You Tube things on the blogs either. I hope you are feeling better tonight and pray that you will have a good day tomorrow. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  3. Storyteller,unfortunaly this is not my yard,but it is done by a family in lindhurst ohio.they have been doing the eggshell land themes since 1957.Karen,yes it is sometimes a problem juggling the visits between two families,But we are greatful to still have her mom with the recient health problems that she has had.On a personal note I hope the surprise birthday was a great one,Happy birthday to you.Travis,being around family is always fun as long as religion and politics are left out of the equasion.

  4. Aww Mike! I am sorry that you have to deal with the seizures and especially really bad ones. You are in my prayers.But Mike, the thing about you and your seizures is that you never gripe or complain. And you COULD, no one would ever think a thing about it. You deserve a gripe! I love your positive attitude and I find your blog to be a blessing in my life.Be blessed friend.Jennifer

  5. Jennifer,thank you for your kind comment.I do gripe about the seizures around the house and I use words that would probly get me into trouble with blogger if I posted them.Besides any day that I wake up and that my Mrs G wakes up are blessings and the rest of the day takes care of it\’s self good bad or indiferent.

  6. Red Skelton was always a favorite of mine. He was able to put a smile on my face no matter how bad I felt. At the same time he could stop you in your tracks with the serous side of him .I will always remember the \’Good Night Everyone and God Bless\’. Even as a child, I understood the sincereness of his words. Thank you for adding the you tube to your post.

  7. Jo I had the pleasur of meeting him in person when he made an appearence here in Cleveland,he struck me as a humble man full of grace. I always love the way he ended his shows as well. when I run across more of him I\’ll be posting that as well.and even I post some sillyness such as the Three Stooges.I founf them on you tube as well.

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