Day: March 18, 2008

Who’s on first? this went missing from the blog.

I got tagged

Yertle at tagged me to post 5 things I do to destress.1) Listen to Hammered Dulicmer music.2) watch PBS shows like Nova.3)try to learn something new.4) read a book.5) ther you have it. those who would like to participe and want to… Continue Reading “I got tagged”

The Dream Academy – Life in a Northern Town I just love this song and so I’m putting it up.

a hearty thank you.

Today I visited Projectmommy,she had some flashing kids on her site and I pointed out that it may trigger a seizure in me.I said that I not be able to visit her site if that was up for long.Not I am not saying that… Continue Reading “a hearty thank you.”

The Irish Rovers – The Unicorn Song Since I really like this song I decided to put it up on my site,besides I have never stopped likeing UNICORNS

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