Day: March 1, 2008

Officer Owens.

I’m am sad to say that officer D.Owens of the Cleveland Police Department.has passed away.He leaves a wife and two little children.I would like to ask for prayers for the family.

the big day

Well the Big Day has arrived as I have alluded in may of my comments on the different blog friends sites. Today is Our 28 th wedding anaversary.Monday will be my youngest Sister Linda and her husband Rod’s 29 th wedding anaversary.Horray for them… Continue Reading “the big day”

the Officer who was gunned down yesturday.

The officer that I asked prayers for is out of surgery.He was in surgery for a very long time.He was shot around 7 pm.and did not gey out of surgery until almost 11 pm. If it was not for his fellow officers just grabbed… Continue Reading “the Officer who was gunned down yesturday.”

a prayer request.

I know that I donot make many prayer requests.To day I’m adding a Cleveland Police Officer to the list of prayers being offered by all the blogger friends that I know. CPD officer Derek Owens was shot on duty this evening he is currently… Continue Reading “a prayer request.”


for those who keep an eye on what I’m adding and or takeing away form my site.I think I’m going to start rotating what awards I have and where I show them.There will be a core of things I will not change,such as the… Continue Reading “re-arrangeing”

A Hearty Thank You

I have decided to publish this Hearty thank you to all that have come to visit and leave comments. I am honored by your visits and am honored by you comments of support and even the ones that are directed at me that I… Continue Reading “A Hearty Thank You”

I did It.

I finally have been able to load two dulicmer tunes.How greatful I am for learning how to do this.

Rakes of Kildare Hammered Dulcimer I hope every one like these two videos.

Hammered Dulcimer and Celtic, Too

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