Alec the Piper – Amazing Graze

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  1. Hi Mike, stopped by because of your comment on my post. There is no doubt that there is white raciest, I grew up as one. If you read back through my blog I make that very clear and tell everyone that I learned better after being drafted in 1960. I read your bio, I haven\’t smoked or drank since 1987, I am a regular speaker at local AA and NA meetings.I am openly republican and support John McCain in any way I can. He was not my choice but since he won I will support him to the end.This primary is lots of fun from my point of view, the republicans always blooded each other, this year the table has turned. Thanks for stopping by, I will be checking you out.FYI, I have posted Red Skelton\’s pledge twice, I think we have a lot in common.

  2. Sarge yes we don and than there are points that we will not agree on,and that is what makes our so great.We are allowed to disagree with each other. This is why out fathers and our grandfathers have put on uniforms throught the ages to keep this country free.Yoy and I also put our uniforms on when we wre needed.

  3. Tim,the pipes speaks volumns to me as migh have to pause the music that I have attached to hear the pipes.that is what I do as well.

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