Day: March 7, 2008

about Isabel

I’m going to add a link about Baby Isabel this way you can check on her from my site.

An Urgent prayer request

Hi Folks Melanie over at has a infant neice going for surgery today,so please Pray for Isabel and go and give some moral support to Melanie. Thanks and God bless you one and all.

A quote for you

Amy over at write-from-home tagged me for this favorite quote’s meme.Her is how this works,share a your favotite quote and dedicate to three others who in turn do the same.Here is mine from the Late President John F.Kennedy from his inaugural speech. …”Ask not… Continue Reading “A quote for you”

welcome to some more bloggers.

I want to extend a Big Time Welcome to some new additions to my blog roll.Today I have been adding some blog sites that I have been meaning to do before I got sidetracked by my political opinions,It’s easy for me to get sidetracked… Continue Reading “welcome to some more bloggers.”

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