a special thank you

I have a couple of people to thank, 1) the kind gentileman at http://edthegent.blogspot.com/ for his kind remark about me being altruistic.
Jenn at http://dustbunnyhostage.blogspot.com/ for her kind comment about me as well.I’m honored that thes two individuals think so highly of me. I know that there a lot of people in blog land that think highly of me as well and as I run across those they will be named as well. Hugs and Blessing to all that visit me.

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  1. Hi Mike,I\’m Kimmie…Jen\’s friend. Thank You for coming to my blog and extending your hand in friendship, that was very sweet of you.I love the Dulcimer! I had it under my \”favorite music\” in my profile, then took it out because I didn\’t think anyone would know what it was. How funny is that? Now here you are with your lovely dulcimer sitting right on your blog. God Bless You! I am going to have to add it back in now. I love your blog. I like the way you share and love your sense of humor. Smiles…especially the little dog! LOL…I can sooo relate!My Dad is doing much better now…thank you for your support. ­čÖé It was very scarey and still is. But we will get through this…we have so many holding us up in prayer.Don\’t be a stranger, and I will come visit you also.God sure has blessed me with some very nice new friends. I will have to thank Jen for sending you over. She is one sweet and dear lady.Blessings,Kimmie

  2. Mike, I wasn\’t blowing smoke my friend. You are a great person and blogger!!And Kimmie came by!! She\’ll be your new friend in no time. She is a ray of sunshine, I promise.I hope that you are having a good weekend. Praying that you are well and out blog hopping today!Jennifer

  3. Hi Mike!! I saw on you about me that you used to practice Real Estate. I work for a closing attorney, so I do that line of work also. I\’m sorry to here about your seizures. A friend at work has them also and hers can get pretty bad sometimes. She is also a recovering alcoholic. I know what you mean about not being able to drive. She goes through that also. I know it can be frustrating though. I have a story about someone and driving with a seizure if you ever want to here it. Hope your having a wonderful Sunday!!

  4. Good Evening Mike,Sorry I haven\’t been around to visit lately. I haven\’t even posted since last Wednesday. Well, I did do a new post this morning. Life has just been busy around here with both of the girls playing Softball. Just to let you know that I do enjoy visiting your blog and what I like about you is that you speak your own mind. I like that in a person. I don\’t like people that are trying to be someone they are not. Also, you are an AMERICAN VETERAN, and I highly RESPECT our VETERAN\’S and present MILITARY PERSONNEL. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  5. Karen,as far as my military service goes,I only did what I felt I had to do.I could have just waited until my draft notice came of I could Honor my Father by going into the Air Force.After all he had served in the Army Air Force.My partner in crime as a young man took a different path when it came to military service,He felt the draft was wrong and he refused to be drafted,instead of running away to Canada as a loft of young men did,he stayed and faced the music of his decision and went to jail for his beliefs.I honor my friend for standing up for what he believed in as he Honored me for the path I chose.

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