Man do I ever feel dumb.

when I open up my home page today and saw all of the Red Skelton videos up I was flabergasted,it took several days for them all to I deleted most of them and if someone’s comments were deleted as well sorry about that.note to self donot try and retry to post a video.give it a day or two to show up first,that way you don’t look foolish.

16 Comments on “Man do I ever feel dumb.

  1. Don\’t feel dumb! Just imagine how I feel, I don\’t know how to do that at all! Hey Mike, we have the same taste in music. I mean almost identical!I love the Beatles and I was greeted with HELP! when I came to your blog. COOL!Jennifer

  2. Thanks Travis,for the kind words.Jennifer,People are more alike that they care to admit,of course there is some music that i donot care for,and that goes for almost every one.I sometimes move the songs around just to have a change,next time you may be greeted by the BeeGees of someone else.

  3. Hey Mike! I posted an award for you on my blog. It is the Taking Care of blogging Business 2 post.Jennifer

  4. Hey Mike:Thanks for your comments on the yard deer and I can vouch for the \’Apron\” stings and red marks,lolOur deer came back yesterday and grazed for an hour or so in the front yard, I got some good pic\’s of them and going to post a couple in the next day or two… Oh, that\’s the first time I\’ve heard of a, \”Hammered Dulicmer\” Have a good day….JD

  5. Jennifer,thanks I\’ll be along to get shortly.J.D.After one or two times I got the idea.Before 1991 i did not know what one was either,I just happend to in the right place at the right time to learn about this instrument. I got some interesting facts about the dulicmer that I\’ll email to you.

  6. Hi Mike,Thought I\’d stop by and check on you. Sorry I\’ve been out of commission again.I really enjoyed all the videos. Don\’t worry, you will never look foolish to those of us who care about you. I\’m just glad you shared them. I use to watch Red Skeleton as a child and I always have felt he was a really good person. Take care of yourself.Hugs,Hope

  7. Hope,I really enjoyed watching him as well.That is what I really miss those type of shows that were on T.V.,also I enjoyed the Bob Hope chysler theater,as well as Uncle Milty.

  8. Hi Mike, i have done the exact same thing on my blog at times. lol I loved the video btw. Was great.

  9. Blogger can be a very strange beast at times. I just thought you really really really liked Red Skelton.I like your serenity prayer.I don\’t know why your comments are showing up on the blogger thingy. I have to find them after the posting. Thanks for the comments.Hope you have a great day.Beamer

  10. Mike, don\’t feel dumb, I tell you blogger can be very evil at times….it frustrates me to NO end.And by the way I LOVE The Beatles song….love it :)Hope you have a wonderful day,Sandra

  11. Sandra,I\’m glad that you enjoy the beatles songs that I have. I also but other atrists that I enjoy.I\’m not sure but I think you can even use this music on your computer as a stand alone just click the stand alone button.

  12. HA! The same thing happened to me! We finally got snow here one day so I went to youtube and tried to post a clip from White Christmas…the one where Bing, Danny, Rosemary and the other one (never can remember her name) are on the train singing \”Snow, snow, snow, snow\”. It didn\’t post to my blog. So I tried it again. And again. And then yet again. I finally gave up. Five days later, every one of them showed up on my blog. What the heck? Talk about delayed reaction. lol I haven\’t tried to post another video since then…too traumatic. :)KariP.S. Thanks for the visit to my blog…I love Jennifer at DustBunnyHostage, too. She keeps me entertained between bouts of middle-age depression (mine, not hers. lol).

  13. Don\’t beat yourself up about it, Mike. Making mistakes is how we learn. (and in this case, teach others!):)

  14. Kari,I learned my lession tell it to post and wait and see when and If it will if not try again.White Christmas is a good song I used to know every one who sang it as well,but for the life of me I can\’t think of the other one my self.Middle-aged depression,well I\’ve been battling that since I was in the USAF in the \’70s.Susanne,experience is the best teacher a lot of times don\’t you think. as my friend Irv says he got his PHD from the school of hard knocks,come to think od it I got mine from the same place.

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