Month: April 2008

A prayer Request.

As every one knows I believe in prayer.I also believe that we all can offer moral support to someone who need it.One of out neighbors needs just that.Her Mom is in the ia a link to her site: greatfullivin

something of interest?

I put a question make at the end of the title for a simple reason.I find the last 3 songs on my play list interesting.The first song is Greensleeves,played on a Hammered Dulcimer by a lady named,Joemy Wilson. The other two songs are nice… Continue Reading “something of interest?”

So far

So far I have had one person post their desk top on their site and reported back to me.Jennifer is the first one and I linked to her site so you can go see her desktop.I liked the cupcake.I will give a mention to… Continue Reading “So far”

who wants to play along?

let’s see who willing to play along with theme. I’m posting a photo of my desk top I did not take a very good photo ,I admit that. With this being said.who is willing to post a photo of their desktop? let’s see if… Continue Reading “who wants to play along?”

Blogger and Internet explorer 7

I do not know which is the bigger pain in the neck.Blogger or Internet Explorer 7. I was having a lot of trouble with using I.E.7 so I dumped the i.e.7 and things seem to be working I do not think I want… Continue Reading “Blogger and Internet explorer 7”


well it has happened,I had a seizure while I was takeing a nap and fell out of my bed again This time my BH was down stairs and was not able to keep me in the bed as is the case at night,so if… Continue Reading “OH NO NOT AGAIN!”

blogger strikes again.

The subject of this rant it that blogger seems to just loves to piss me off. the other day it would not co-operate when I tried to load a you tube today I’m trying to add to the RAMBLING STUFF THE AWARDS ADDITION some… Continue Reading “blogger strikes again.”

Carson- Grocho,Red Skelton,Jack Benny,George burns,Bob Hope I truely miss these guys.

Crazy Guggenheim sings For those who remember The Jackie Gleason Sow and Frank Fontain

My friend Amy.

My friend Amy Has a posting where talks about someone that she lost this week. How about every body go over and show her some moral support.Thanks

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