Month: February 2008

a fun thing to do on Sundays.

I have decided to talk about something my BH and I used to do. before I go into this I have to say what reminded me to write about this.Tina at has a pic of a chickadee at here suet feeder.Now I will… Continue Reading “a fun thing to do on Sundays.”

the election rant.

Soon the primearys will be over.the both parties will have their nominees for president.The the real back biting,snipeing and downright dirty tricks will be appearing.Especially if mr Karl Rove gets involved in the republican race as he did with the current president. I will… Continue Reading “the election rant.”

It’s been a couple of days.

I know it has been a couple of days since my last post.I was under the weather. My asthma was acting up.and I was bringing up a bunch of thick stuff,and had to do extra breathing treatments.not to mention I was sleeping a lot.I… Continue Reading “It’s been a couple of days.”

Listen to the Hammered Dulicmer.

Foe those why would like to hear a hammered Dulicmer being played,a fellow blogger had found a person playing the dulicmer on U tube,and has posted in on their site,I’d post it on mine but do not know how or I would. go to… Continue Reading “Listen to the Hammered Dulicmer.”

Let’s play tag

I got tagged By Hope at and I thought that I try it my self. here are seven weird or ramdom things about me1) I like Hammered Dulicmer music.2)I have an great scense of humor most of the time.3) I’m a stay at… Continue Reading “Let’s play tag”

With thanks to Samantha

Samantha at the corner of insanity and chaos has the serenity prayer posted on her site.That made me think since I use the Serenity prayer daily that I should have it on my site as well.Thank you Samantha for reminding me of what is… Continue Reading “With thanks to Samantha”

Monday music

Well it is another Monday.and while stiing here blogging and visiting the blogs that I like to visit.I’m endulging in listening to one of my favorite things to listen to.Yes it is Hammered dulicmer music! The CD that I’m currently listening to is A… Continue Reading “Monday music”

The Adventures of Mikey (this is a long one Folks)

Hi folks,well an other Sunday has arrived,It is currently 34*and I’m sitting here I’m recalling something that used to be really popular in the late 60’s thru the 80’s.and that is drag raceing.we used to have several cources near here on we in… Continue Reading “The Adventures of Mikey (this is a long one Folks)”

going places

I have stated that in an earlier blog that from time to time I’d post a web site to go visit. is my current I have just stated in the previous posting of today,the German Sub U-505 is there it has been… Continue Reading “going places”

Silly Saturday

welcome to One and All; sillyness is and be contageous.I certainly hope so. Any way my one cousins and I(we are 17 years apart) trade insults and other silly stuff via the Yahoo instant messenger service.there is a lot of pretty neat stuff there,… Continue Reading “Silly Saturday”

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