Day: March 19, 2008

I did it.

I’m not sure how I did this but I have added music to my blog. You can even change a song by just clicking the fast forward symbol and/or clicking on a song futher down the list.Hope you enjoy my selections.

when things go wrong.

today has been both fun and not so fun.I have had several seizures through out the day. I am lucky when I just sit and stare off into spaces,that is how some of my seizures start but they progress into shaking,flopping all over the… Continue Reading “when things go wrong.”

the videos.

I know that I have posted a bunch of videos reciently. I cannot help it some say things for me same are just for the fun of haveing them up.Hope every body is haveing a great day.

Veterans Gave Us Freedom this is a reminder that freedom comes with a price.I post this in Honor of all those that have served in the Military and those that are serving now.When I see a servicemember I thank them for serving out country,How about you?

KCRA Channel 3 Sacramento sign-off 1986 this sign off was only used on sundays.Monday-saturday they were a 24 hour station.Sunday they would shut down for maintanence

Scorpions Talk about changeing things.

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