Egg shell land.


The picture shown is a scaled down version that the Manolio Family have been doing for the past 50 years.They could not put the pegs into the ground to do the elaborate displays as they have done.
I will be leaving the picture for a week and than it will be taken down,and this posting will be remain.In Fact when I take the picture down it will be here.

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  1. Good Evening Mike,\”HAPPY EASTER\” and \”HE IS RISEN\” to you and Celeste. I like the picture you shared today. Looks like the family puts alot of work into decorating for Easter. I used to decorate the inside a bit when the girls were smaller, but I don\’t anymore. They have outgrown the Easter Bunny now. I do miss those days sometimes tho. \”CONGRATULATION\’S\” on your 100th post. I am on like my 125th or 126th. I can\’t afford to have Giveaways right now like some people do to celebrate their so many post\’s. You deserve a pat on the back for your 100th post tho. AMEN & AMEN on your Thursday post about we have the FREEDOM to choose and worship here in our country. I do APPRECIATE everyone of our Men and Women that are serving or have served our country so we can have this right. I hope some of your Snow is finally melting up your way. It has been nice here, but on the chilly side a bit. It was 33 degrees earlier this morning and suppose to get down to 31 degrees tonight. I think Winter is still lingering around a little. Take care my friend and have a great rest of Easter. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  2. Usually the whole front yard id filled,this year they were unable to do so,due to the ground being frozen

  3. Hi Mike, hope you had a nice Easter. What a great picture and a wonderful tradition. I\’ve kinda been ignoring my computer, so I have a lot catch up reading to do.I\’ll visit again soon.take care.

  4. Dens,we did have a good Easter,thanks for asking.there are some days that I ignore mine as well.and even(dare I say it) \”stay at home\”and not go a visiting.

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