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Cash For Clunkers

from what I can tell the cash for clunkers is a big joke.so you old car or truck get 18 miles per gal. you go to the dealership and can buy a new car or truck if it gets better milage than you old… Continue Reading “Cash For Clunkers”

I have given this some thought.

This post is about how I manage my blog. every blog on blogger has the ability of comment moderation and word verification. I for one cannot see why if I moderating the comments that are left for that I should make the commenter also… Continue Reading “I have given this some thought.”

Parts of me.( I am not a Saint) or it’s the I ten T errors

I maybe sorry that I posted this one,but her it goes.As I have been traveling the great land of Blog,I have been sharing different parts of my life.there still is a bunch of stuff about me that maybe or maybe I have not posted… Continue Reading “Parts of me.( I am not a Saint) or it’s the I ten T errors”

well back to the drawing board.

It looks like I cannot remember the names of the sites that I used for the quotes that I featured here. You Tube is being a pain in the neck about posting videos here.so I will just have to come up with other things… Continue Reading “well back to the drawing board.”

I give up.

I just give up.I tried to follow everything step by step and still I screwed it up.I do not know if I was just missing something or the directions were missing a step.I just could not git it right.so therefore I will not be… Continue Reading “I give up.”

Do I or Don’t I??????

as the title inpliesis do I just have my own hosting such as rambling stuff.com and pay the so many bucks a year or save my money and continue to be frustrated by blogger/google???The question is this which will frustrate me less??This is whar… Continue Reading “Do I or Don’t I??????”

It has been a while since…

It has been a while since I talked about my sobriety,my bipolar issues.So here goes nothing. I enjoy a good day of sobriety every day that I walk up and go to bed.when I wake up I thank God for allowing me a new… Continue Reading “It has been a while since…”

I do not how or why

as the title suggests,some how for some reason the will to blog and read blogs is gone.This does not mean I’m quiting,it does mean that maybe I need to get my head together.I had joined face book and that does not interest me as… Continue Reading “I do not how or why”

A post about a dark side of me.

this week with the death of Sissy Hula Girl’s sister in law.Brings me to this post.I too have had thoughts of suicide in the past,my first attempt came when I was stationed on aTempory Duty Assignment(TDY those that have served in the military know… Continue Reading “A post about a dark side of me.”

why me?

Just another fun day here at Golch Central.I had to “kill”(use the 6 restore discs) on my living room computer yesterday.I was having a cascade of failing components(if that is the right word).first I could not play any of my Cd’s ,than I keep… Continue Reading “why me?”

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