Cash For Clunkers

from what I can tell the cash for clunkers is a big you old car or truck get 18 miles per gal. you go to the dealership and can buy a new car or truck if it gets better milage than you old one.
That sounds great,but here is thr rub some people are getting away with buying a NEW CAR OR TRUCK THAT GET 2 MILES PER GAL.BETTER THAT THEIR OLD ONE!WTF? THE AUTO INDUSTRY IS JUST RIPPING OFF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AGAIN.
This is the part that really pisses me off.when I bought my Buick Century the sticker mileage was 20 city. the effin epa now say that same car gets over 21 a gal there for I cannot qualify to buy a car that gets 32 miles per gal in the city.well up your congress and the effin auto industry!

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  1. We have our own way of going green. Heck with the cash for clunkers program. We will never buy a new car ever. It will have to be a used vehicle. My daily driver is a chevy cavalier station wagon $100.00 bought and paid for. My wife's car is an acura legend that we paid 2000.00 for it a few years ago. No payments, therefore we created a stimulus package that doesn't drain our checkbook every month in payments. I would only recommend this for the handy man or woman. You must do your own labor on the vehicle and buy used parts when you can. If the vehicle dies and cannot be resucitated, give it a good burial. Keep all parts that you may use on your next purchase. My car has paid for itself in the first week of getting me back and forth to work. My wife's car is a different story though. I keep it in top notch condition mechanically. We always buy used tires and we will make due with that. If you are not able to work on your own car, you are at the mercy of making pmts on a car that you will be married to until you pay it off. The cash for clunkers was a good idea in the beginning but I believe greed took over and it will be a bust before long. In the meantime, we are paying for this and we are getting robbed by greedy people. I cannot ramble any longer, this post about cash for clunkers is excellent, keep up the good work.

  2. I also heard today that you have to fill out the form on-line and when you agree to the terms you are fucked. It seems one of the terms is that your computer becomes the property of the US Government. All you private files are subject to their inspeciton. It sounds like a Trojan Horse to me.But that is exactly what the Dems want. Total control of your life.

  3. Woody,you are right when it was envisioned by BOTH SIDES it was to benefit car owners,but that the auto industry stuck its nose into and bastardised it to where it is a drain on our wallets and put even more money into the greedy auto industry.Coffepot,Let me point this out to you this is the brain child of both the Repicans and the you have to blame both sides on this one.

  4. This new administration has me scratching my head on a daily basis. Scarier than anything I've ever seen before. 🙂

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