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A thought,Computers Dumbstuff!

First of all I Raise a Cuppa Joe to all my Friends! Now the Computer and Dumbstuff post!NOTE TO SELF,YOUR LAPTOP COMPUTER IS ALMOST 9 YEARS OLD IT DON’T LIKE WINDOWS 10 AND IT DON’T LIKE BEING SIGNED INTO MICROSOFT,BOTH KEEP CAUSING YOU TROUBLE… Continue Reading “A thought,Computers Dumbstuff!”

A thought

I wondering if we should consider using trolly busses as part of the Mass transit in cities again! There used to be trolley buses here in the Cleveland area,parts of the area went to this system after the trolley cars were discontinued.the buses looked… Continue Reading “A thought”

Our Us Military

To all my Brothers and Sister who,Have served,are serving,and will serve in our Armed Forces   To everyone who has at one time raised their hand saying their and than said: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the… Continue Reading “Our Us Military”

Makes Sense to Me.

this makes sense to me. Please follow the link,the blog does not have a create a link so I’m doing it this way. I could have cut and pasted each one to this posting but I’m being lazy today

A decision.

I have come to realise not matter what I cannot publish a playlist from Playlist.com to any of my blogger sites.my friend Clueless was able to but for some damn effin reason and the support people cannot tell me why as well I cannot.… Continue Reading “A decision.”

Hackers, a scary thought.

I have given this a lot of thought of how hackers are a sorry lot. They usually steal from other electronics via someones home wireless setup or even using someone elses satellite connection. The reason I said the satellite connection was what someone had… Continue Reading “Hackers, a scary thought.”

This says it all.

SEEN ON A BUMPER STICKER WE ALL NEED TO READ AN HEED THIS ONE.If you have stuff in your past that is impeeding your life than do this for YOUR OWN SAKE,IF NOT OTHERS.I know I need to do this,and that’s all I’m gonna… Continue Reading “This says it all.”

Dickster’s Random Thoughts: And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Dickster’s Random Thoughts: And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming This is my comment about this posting:so what is wrong with driving the speed limit. you CAN’T GET A SPEEDING TICKET THAT WAY.,unless you love throwing money away on fines and higher insurance… Continue Reading “Dickster’s Random Thoughts: And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming”

I guess I’m depressed.

I’m beginning to think that I am depressed.a couple of thing are pointing to that. 1)blogging is not as interesting (writting or reading them).2)doing the Entre Card drops..3) watching the T.V. shows that I like.4) even playing the games are a chore.

A thought

Monday was 4 weeks since my attempt to take my own life. I am Happy to say I am doing better,and I have not had one single thought like that again. I think being off all the darn meds I was taking is helping… Continue Reading “A thought”