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A thought about this blog.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this blog would evolve into what it is becomming.Is it a Christian blog? Kinda.Is it a military blog,maybe yes and no.It does have some aspects of both.I feature a blog roll of military related bloggers.I… Continue Reading “A thought about this blog.”

well I done committed high treason.

well folks I did what I said that I never would do.I done committed high treason,I went and bought a new car that is not an American car. We bought ourselves a Honda Fit.We were not happy with the room of the higher mileage… Continue Reading “well I done committed high treason.”

Parts of me Part 2

when I was talking about my first marriage I only talked about the bad stuff in the marriage,we did have some good times as well.We did some silly thing and some fun things.The first time and only I went to Disneyland (a childhood dream… Continue Reading “Parts of me Part 2”

A new Rant.

I saw where some one was blaming the new clear air/water act as bad for the economy.Horseshit!!!! the remark was that jobs are gonna suffer and the gas prices will rise even more.I went on a real diatribe in my remarks for that posting,and… Continue Reading “A new Rant.”

A post about a dark side of me.

this week with the death of Sissy Hula Girl’s sister in law.Brings me to this post.I too have had thoughts of suicide in the past,my first attempt came when I was stationed on aTempory Duty Assignment(TDY those that have served in the military know… Continue Reading “A post about a dark side of me.”

a good day today.

Even if it is April fools day,and no I will not pull anything on this posting.I can count my blessing that today is a good day.I’m glad that I shared some of the stuff that that runs Though my head,it shows a side of… Continue Reading “a good day today.”

doing what I need to do.

As of today I have just shut down 2 of my three blogs. my Rambling Thoughts on the word press and the Rambling Stuff Awards Addition on blogger. I can No longer do three blogs and will devote my time to this the original… Continue Reading “doing what I need to do.”

something to think about

I got this in an email,I could not get the photos to copy with the text.Sorry. This is one of the best explanations of why God allows pain and suffering that I have seen… A man went to a barbershop to have his hair… Continue Reading “something to think about”

Just a quick reminder.

Just to remind every one to A) turn your clocks back one hour tonight and B) CHANGE YOU BATTERIES IN YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS,THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN!

A mile stone.

Counting the you tube postings and the diatribes and the regular posting I have done I am about to hit the 500 mark two more posting to go.

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