Do I or Don’t I??????

as the title inpliesis do I just have my own hosting such as rambling and pay the so many bucks a year or save my money and continue to be frustrated by blogger/google???
The question is this which will frustrate me less??
This is whar blogger/google posted:Bloggers who rely on our FTP service to publish their blog to their own domain had a rough week last week. In fact, it’s been a bumpy month or two. Let’s start with the most important comment on this state of affairs: this sucks, and we’re sorry.
Yeh well the way blogger is acting right sucks as well you bunch of bozos!So there!!!!

so if anybody has advice I would sure like to hear it.Thank you one and all.

8 Comments on “Do I or Don’t I??????

  1. I just saw your sweet comment on Professor J\’s post today.I just wanted you to know you made a mom smile today.And I came to wish you a happy Sunday.

  2. Cheri,thank you for stopping by,there are several time during the year I really miss my Mom,Mother\’s day,her birthday Mom and Dad\’s anaversary,Thanksgiving,Christmas you get the picture.

  3. Mike, I have something for you on my site. Major decision but I know you can make it. I love your rants. HA!

  4. I\’m moving my blog to my own domain this summer and I\’m using Liquid Web for hosting. Don\’t know if that helps or not but I understand your frustration.

  5. I often refer to Blogger as \”Booger,\” myself. I\’ve been seeing you comment at a lot of blogs I frequent, so I thought I\’d come over and say hello.I have a separately-hosted dot com site (I use Homestead) but I keep my blog through Blogger because I\’m a cyber klutz and I couldn\’t figure out how to do it directly through my website. 😛

  6. Marj aka Thriver,thanks for your input.and thanks for stopping by for a visit.I\’ll be over to return the visit shortly.

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