I have given this some thought.

This post is about how I manage my blog. every blog on blogger has the ability of comment moderation and word verification. I for one cannot see why if I moderating the comments that are left for that I should make the commenter also jump through the hoop of word verification as well.I do not see the sense in that. The word verification is to prove that the commenter is a person not a computer program that just generates spam.
The reason I do not use the word verification is two fold. 1) if a person has a problem called dyslexia (transposing of letters) that word verification is a royal pain.I know I have that problem.That is why I am so glad that there is spell check for when I’m posting.
2) It would be redundant to use both methods of filtering out Spam.

Please do not leave really nasty comments about this posting.THANK YOU.

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  1. I'm with you on this one Mike. Another issue is word verification is really tough on old eyes. I've one eye that's really bad and I have a terrible time doing word verification. The words can be so very distorted. I'm so with you on this one.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. I so agree with you on this. I wonder how many comments are lost because the verification is so difficult to do sometimes. So – I thank you for this!

  3. Sandee,I cannot see the words that well either,and in transposing and I'm really in trouble.3 tries and if I'm not in with my comment that I just give up on making a comment.Wanda's wings give me an email and I will try to help you remove it.Mari,I just do not sse the sense of having them both.

  4. Agreed. I only have moderation due to a situation with an ex friend. I simply don't want free liberty on my blog right now. In the future i'm sure I will lift again. I HATE word verification. Half the time I can't see the thing which makes me feel like i'm going blind, the other half the time my fingers are WAY ahead of my eyesight and typing the wrong thing. OY

  5. Good point! I am removing word verification. Yes, you can put me on your recovery blogroll. Thanks.

  6. mike…as you stated, it is your blog..you make up the rules. When visiting a blog, I feel as though I have stepped into someone's living room…therfore it is important to respect the rules of their domain (play on words).~AM

  7. A Stich in Thyme,I pot comment moderation in effect after spending most of the day going from post to post removing the same damn spammer message 5 times per posting.Colleen,Thank you for allowing to place you on the Recovery Blog Roll,and for jst using the comment mederation.it is a big help.AirmanMom that I do as well.I was just stating a fack as to ehy I do what I do.How someone else does their blog is on them.

  8. I'm with you. I think that the word verification just is a waste of time if one is managing the comments anyway. I also have trouble with the embedded comment form when I'm at work. Must be a firewall or something.

  9. I don't use word verification. I'm always typing them wrong and then having to go back and redo it. I didn't have comment moderation on either until my blog got majorly spammed all the way back to the beginning. Because the spam could have contained harmful links, I had to remove each comment.Now, I have comment moderation set to posts older than 2 days and that's working.But, I'm with you on the word verification thing.

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