why me?

Just another fun day here at Golch Central.I had to “kill”(use the 6 restore discs) on my living room computer yesterday.I was having a cascade of failing components(if that is the right word).first I could not play any of my Cd’s ,than I keep getting program not responding message every time I wanted to open a program,than the stupid machine decided that there was no keyboard attached to the computer.That was solved by unplugging the keyboard and replugging it back in.But the rest of the things I wanted to do I could not.I still do not understand why the computer can “forget”that the keyboard is attached.By this I mean that I could not type any thing into a comment like I was tryint to do
I still have to put stuff back into it,I was up until midnight trying to get it working.
Currently I’m using my older computer that still works.so maybe today I can get it working.I woke up at 6:30 AM I could not sleep so I decided to play a game,and do this posting.Soon if I am lucky I’ll be tired enough to go back to sleep for a couple of hours that fight with the main computer again.I saved some stuff to a dvd disc that was I would not lose the folders that I wanted to keep.Hopefully I did that right.
I know that a “little rain must fall on our lives”,but why do I need to be in “monsoon season” when it does???
Now that I got that off my chest I feel a little better.At least Me and the cat were the only ones at home when I let go all the nasty things I said to the computer for giving me the grief that it did.I even threaten to drop kick it into Lake Erie,but it just sat there “thumbing it’s nose” at me.At least I got the last laugh,I fixed it,I think.Time will tell.
My one friend told me that he was having the same trouble with his MAC,I had called him to ask him if that had ever happened to him,so I guess that if there is going to be a failure it does not matter what kind you have.

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  1. Good morning, dear Mike:-)Oh dear, having computer problems is NO fun at all!! My computer is over 8 years old and although it still hasn\’t given me too much grief, I know that there will come a day where it will just go \”kaput\” on me. One reason I\’m glad I bought myself a laptop a couple of months ago…if the big computer goes, at least I got my laptop!! I do hope the restore discs have helped you get your main one back on track. Could it be possible you had a virus on it and that\’s why everything started to act strange? Hope your day goes well and that the sun is shining:-) xox

  2. I can so relate to this post. When it rains it pours for sure. I do hope you get things back to normal soon Mike. I just hate these kinds of days.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Sandee,at least I have the old computer,that is what I used to do this posting and make my comments so far today.

  4. Mike!!! I figured it out!!!Please do not be offended, but I have been to your blog a couple of times and not been able to find your \”post\” … just lots of interesting things about dulcimers, awards, prayers, your policies, etc. …. I hadn\’t scrolled FAR ENOUGH DOWN … DUH! Man I feel like an idiot.So now I understand your site better and realize that you just have several things at the top of your page and your current post is (way) below that.Sorry!!! I wanted to comment earlier just didn\’t understand.Computer troubles, eh?I hate those.It\’s so challenging to fix something that you are not a total expert at and I am not even in the \”novice\” category when it comes to fixing computer problems.Sigh.Well … hi again and glad I figured out how to comment. See how challenged I am? I can\’t even figure out how to COMMENT? I\’m not feeling too bright, but I DID figure it out so I am happy about that.Have a great day!Wendy

  5. p.s. I\’m sure your computer looks better on your desk than it would in Lake Eerie. hee.Hey … just added you to my blog roll …. I had gotten so behind in adding people.Sorry it took me so long!Welcome to my blog roll. 🙂

  6. At least you know what to do to fix your \’puter. If mine conked out I\’d be snookered until MWM or youngest son could come fix it! 🙁

  7. I\’m having some trouble with my laptop where the anti virus program won\’t work. I will go shopping for a new anti virus. Probably pay someone to work on it.

  8. Wendy,I am never offended when someone new comes to visit the blog I know that I have a lot of stuff before my posting.besides I was one new at this and did not hava clue on how peoples blogs were set up. And Yes it does look better here that in lake Erie,and now that I have made progress in fixing this this,I'm glad I did not drop kick it into lake Erie,besides with my luck I would have been caught and charged with poluting the lake.Akelamalu,it come from experence,this is not the first time I had to kill the darn thing.and most likely will not be the last.I only wished I had saved more of my sub folders.Cliff,at one time I was using the anti-virus that was provided by my AT&T yahoo account and found out that I was better off by buying my own anti-virus system it was more completer that way.I use MCAFEE and am happy with it.

  9. Isn\’t it always like that? When it rains it pours? I have to say though, you made me laugh with this Now that I got that off my chest I feel a little better.At least Me and the cat were the only ones at home when I let go all the nasty things I said to the computer for giving me the grief that it did.I even threaten to drop kick it into Lake Erie,but it just sat there \”thumbing it\’s nose\” at meLOL

  10. Celestine was out taking her Mom to get the injection that she recieves once a week.So Iwas able to be as ungentilemanly as i wanted to.The cat does not talk so no one was here to \”snitch\” me out.Oh I forg that I posted about.so I guess I just snitched myself out.LOL

  11. I think we all get problems with the computer from time to time – and they appear to always come when it is most inconvenient. With all of the millions and millions of people out there using the computer the same time as you – well there are probably a minimum of four or five thousand all having trouble with theirs at the same time as you. This is what I was once told and although it did not cure the problem it helped me (in a very small way of course – as I would not wish problems upon anyone!) to just accept it knowing that I was not alone. :)On another point – firstly may I apologize for not replying to your note from Facebook. I currently am suffering with an eye infection and after a short while looking at the screen I need to take a break. I have not got a Facebook account.I wonder whether you would like to join a very sedate group of bloggers in Blogcatalog. Some who have left Entrecard and others that are still there may be only just hanging on by a thread …http://www.blogcatalog.com/group/blogcatalog-regular-visitor-groupAll the best, Polly

  12. My computer has had several nervousbreakdowns and I\’ve had to take it in to the computer doctors for treatment. I can relate. One thing I did was buy a good external hardrive to store a copy of all my photograps so at least if the thing crashes for good, I won\’t loose them. (Pigeon)

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