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Changes comming to the GOLCH CENTRAL CONDO

Well I just sealed the deal for our stair chair instalation with Arrow Lift.we have to get some modifications to two of the triangle shaped steps before the stair chair can be installed.The lower half of the triangle will be partially built up to… Continue Reading “Changes comming to the GOLCH CENTRAL CONDO”

why me?

Just another fun day here at Golch Central.I had to “kill”(use the 6 restore discs) on my living room computer yesterday.I was having a cascade of failing components(if that is the right word).first I could not play any of my Cd’s ,than I keep… Continue Reading “why me?”

just in case you noticed.News from Golch central.

from the computer of Golch Central.I decided to add my flickr account to this blog from the now dead wordpress blog. Now for a postscript from Saturday. When we woke up on Saturday the house was colder (55*) than it is normally set for(70*).the… Continue Reading “just in case you noticed.News from Golch central.”

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