It has been a while since…

It has been a while since I talked about my sobriety,my bipolar issues.So here goes nothing. I enjoy a good day of sobriety every day that I walk up and go to bed.when I wake up I thank God for allowing me a new day of life,I thank him before going to bed for the day sobriety,(soberity date:12/17/1990)and peacefulness.
My seizures have seemed to settle down some what for the time being.Thank you God for this.
I found a new site to has nothing to do with blogging,but it may turn out to be useful to people like me that are in therapy.the site is called Mood Gym it deals with C.B.T.( Cognitive Behavior Therapy.) I have just started on the site and will add a link to the site here later today.I do not have the link right next to me at the moment.
here is what my therepisy sent me:I just visited the site. It is a software program for the best psychotherapy for mood disorders! CBT is best and Interpersonal Therapy is also known to be good, but not as researched for mood disorders. Years ago in the 1980’s when Metro(hospital)let us go to seminars I saw a Harvard prof do a session of Interpersonal Therapy. He was awesome. I have not progressed through the modules, but hope I can do some in times when I get no shows. THANKS!

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  1. I\’m so glad that you\’re able to experience the wonderful state of sobriety. It\’s also great that your seizures have settled down.

  2. Mike glad you were able to share a bit, being I am relatively new to your blog. Glad your seizers have also calmed down a bit! Will check out the Mood Gym. Blessings dear one.

  3. I\’m glad Mike. Really glad.I think I have to start talking more with Him.Good news.

  4. Just Be Real.Thanks for stopping by.Ana,so am I. He has been a blessing to me especially when I\’m having a bad day.

  5. This moodgym sounds interesting.I\’m glad the seizures have slowed down.You know, a grateful attitude makes a world of difference.

  6. Tart,I\’m glad they settled down some as well.I can handle the blanking out for a bit rather than the shak rattl and roll seizures.

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