well back to the drawing board.

It looks like I cannot remember the names of the sites that I used for the quotes that I featured here. You Tube is being a pain in the neck about posting videos here.so I will just have to come up with other things to put here along with the prayer requests that I post.I want to keep my blog the lively one that it is.
Not to mention all the other stuff that I had stashed away in a folder while I was redoing my blog.That stuff is gone as well.I had a folder of all my awards and folders of other stuff that I wanted to keep,and that was wiped out by me as well.
speaking of a lively post.I have a rant hidden away where I blasted the media over the three ring circus that they create when a sports person,famous celeb,politician,dies or gets their butts in trouble.
I am not sure if I want to post that one or not.I do stomp on some toes with that one. I did post it,let the chips fall where they may.

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  1. Well if you post it you will be called a racist or uneducated. Perhaps both. That seems to be all most of them can say. I do agree with what your rant is though. We do tend to think a lot alike on certain things.I hope you get your blog back to where you want it in pretty short order. I hate it when I lose everything.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hugs. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee,I just read a blog that id sone by a news media person.and it just upset me so that I am going to post that post I wrote.If I'm called a racist or worse.that's happend to me before.I doubt that I can get much of stuff back onto this blog that I have not already put up.So be it.

  3. Mike..we have warriors at war, protecting our freedoms; speak what you wish…but never forget those who have, are and will fight to protect each and every one of our freedoms! Let us never take for granted, what so many have fought and continue to fight for us!~AM

  4. AirmanMom,Believe me I will never take these freedoms for granted.I lost a friend in the Viet Nam war.He will always be 19 as I age every year.

  5. MIKE, remember that this is your site. whatever you want to write here, it's your right. no reader(s) should dictate on you what you can and cannot write about. it's ok to express yourself the way you want to. =)

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