Day: April 23, 2008

Earth Day pt.2

Since yesterday was Earth Day our local PBS station had an hour long program called return of the Return of the Cuyahoga. That is our main river that flows to lake Erie,and yes it created a bunch of jokes about the river burning. It… Continue Reading “Earth Day pt.2”


Phyllis had mugged me so I did find a mug that I liked it’s not my favorite one.and I decided to add my Better Half’s mug as well,it’s the tweedy one.The Lenders National mug is mine(that is what the mug says)

Hell no I wont go

This is the photo that I tried to up load that I was ranting about when blogger was being sooooo co-opertive…..NOT! so I managed to upload it today. Hope everybody enjoys this.I found it funny I hope you do as well.

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