Day: April 11, 2008

this says it all.

this says it also defines how I feel about my military service sometimes,and some of the other “jobs’ where I worked. To read this all you have to do is Left click on it and it will open to full screen.

follow up to bad day and a diatribe as well.

as days go today could be worse,but I’m not sure how,I’ve snapping all day at the better half over dumb and stupid things.I’m afraid that is how I cause most of the fights that we have.My wife is a good person and I’m a… Continue Reading “follow up to bad day and a diatribe as well.”

what a day

today really sucked.I had a bad seizure in my doctors office and while I was returning some dvd’s that i barrowed from my brother in law,I blanked out and had a seizure,if he had not grabbed me I would have went down and would… Continue Reading “what a day”

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