Day: April 22, 2008

I have a pic.

I have a picture that I wanted to post,that some emailed my but BLOGGER IS NOT CO-OPERATING AGAIN.SO WHEN I CAN POST IT I WILL.IT’S FUNNY OR AT LEAST I THOUGHT SO

Earth Day.

To day is earth day. and so there fore we need to look what we are doing to this planet.Now I will say this,I have been on some sites where people are complaining about much money it costs to fill up the tanks of… Continue Reading “Earth Day.”

Free Hugs Campaign continued…. when I saw this as well. I just had to post this as well.

Free Hugs Campaign on TEN News Australia my friend Storyteller,has a different version of Free Hugs posted on her site,I chose to post the news story of it on my site.

my friend Storyteller.

My friend Storyteller has a cool video posted on her site how about every body go “truckin” over and check it out. Thanks.

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