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I do not know which is the bigger pain in the neck.Blogger or Internet Explorer 7. I was having a lot of trouble with using I.E.7 so I dumped the i.e.7 and things seem to be working I do not think I want I.E.7 in this computer.Let’s see if Blogger will work better now.

since I dumped I.E. 7 and went back to the internet explorer that come with this computer,blogger and Gmail and Google Reader seems to be working better for me.So I.E. 7 you will never be a part of my computer ever again.

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  1. Have you tried the Netscape Browser or Firefox???I can\’t handle Internet Explorer it\’s just awful for me and messes up all the time.

  2. I do use firefox,it has it has some things I\’m not happy with. I might try netscape or even msn browser.

  3. Hi Mike!I can\’t tolerate IE at all!!! I do not use it. Firefox is so user friendly. And besides, for me, everything on the \’net LOOKS better with F F!!!Hope you\’re having a terrific Sunday.

  4. I’m sorry to learn of your latest seizure and hope you’re feeling better today. As for IE7 … I’ve NOT chosen to upgrade because my laptop already has ‘memory’ issues. I’ve heard it slows things down as well and I have ENOUGH problems with THAT already! It’s sometimes hard for me to access YouTube videos as is. I’m happy to know you’ve been able to revert to IE6 … and that seems to have fixed some of your Blogger problems. I don’t USE Internet Explorer myself (though it remains on my computer and messes things up for me from time to time) because I prefer Firefox … and like Hootin’ Anni, I think the ‘look’ is better too.

  5. Hootin Anni,I\’m useing the firefox more now,I still need the internet explorer when I need at cut and paste a code to blogger.Storyteller,there are days that I donot have a seizure and then ther are days that I do it is something that I just have accepted.reverting to IE6 was easy once I deleter IE7 from the computer it reverted back to IE6.

  6. I\’ve been trying to come over to your blog off and on for quite awhile with no luck…got in today! Sorry you\’re having to deal with seizures. That truly bites…Let\’s hope I can get back to your blog again.

  7. Good Afternoon Mike,Sorry you had another seizure. I hope you didn\’t hurt yourself when you fell out of the bed. You know, I\’m not computer literate myself, so I have no clue what the difference between IE7 and or those other things. LOL. I think I am using Internet Explorer here on my computer. I hope you get yours fixed the way you want it tho. I have heard of Firefox and Netscape, but I don\’t know the first thing about them. Since I had some computer problems not long ago, I\’m afraid to do anything to my computer now. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  8. Jenny,sorry that you are haveing trouble getting to my blog.The seizures are something that I just live with.a good day means no seizures what so ever or even just a small one where I just zone out for a while.the bad days are when I have the really big ones.Karen,most of the time every things works just fine the last week have been a battle with this computer there are days that I have uninstall and reinstall the keyboard software just to be able to type something like a comment.

  9. Hope you haven\’t had a seizure lately…I can\’t imagine what that must be like for you ! I know you\’ve probably posted this and I\’ve just missed it, but did that fall off the wing of the jet cause your seizures? If that\’s too personal a question, trash this comment. I wish I could give you advice on BloggerBooger and IE7, but I can\’t. When I\’m out of town using my laptop, I have to use Firefox. Thanks for going on the hike with me today. Have a great week.

  10. Swampy,I did have a seizure today at least it was a small one,Thank God.It was my pleasure to be on the hike with you today.I look forward to more of them.Beth,I\’m not that cpmputer smart either I push the button it goes on I type and hope that tit behaves it\’s self.

  11. Good Morning Mike. I am so far behind on my visiting that I wounder if I will ever catch up on everyone\’s news. So glad that you figured out what was causing your blogger problems. It usually happens that when they say \”Hey, try this new up date, it will make your life soooo much better!\” Bull!!! In most cases, that is far from the truth. Right now we are going through an e-mail program up date through Hughes Net. It was supposed to happen on Saturday with our e-mail up and running again Sunday morning. Guess what…. It still isn\’t working. What do you want to bet all we will reimbursed with is a \”SO SORRY\”…. Have a beautiful Week.

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