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Folk Music

As a youngster growing up in the 50’s and 60’s I used to enjoy listing to Doo Wop and Folk music as well as rock and Roll. my Friend Nick has a feature called Wednesday Coffee House. This week he is featuring the Kingston… Continue Reading “Folk Music”

I let out the Odd Ball side come out and Play!

So I decided to let my odd ball side come out and play.so therefor the Doo Wop songs got posted. These are some of my favorites song from way back when. Who know what will show up from you tube. that is the fun… Continue Reading “I let out the Odd Ball side come out and Play!”

becoming my Father.

there are times that I feel that I have become my father.I enjoy some of the same music that he did,all though I would never admit it ti him when he was alive.Now I do tell him. Of course we always did see eye… Continue Reading “becoming my Father.”

something of interest?

I put a question make at the end of the title for a simple reason.I find the last 3 songs on my play list interesting.The first song is Greensleeves,played on a Hammered Dulcimer by a lady named,Joemy Wilson. The other two songs are nice… Continue Reading “something of interest?”

I did it.

I’m not sure how I did this but I have added music to my blog. You can even change a song by just clicking the fast forward symbol and/or clicking on a song futher down the list.Hope you enjoy my selections.

What’s Going On

for those who remember these turbulant times.

Celtic music

I was asked if I knew how to find Celtic music.At the time I was asked I said that I did not know of a way to find the music.I am now able to answer that question here is site to find Celitc music… Continue Reading “Celtic music”

Listen to the Hammered Dulicmer.

Foe those why would like to hear a hammered Dulicmer being played,a fellow blogger had found a person playing the dulicmer on U tube,and has posted in on their site,I’d post it on mine but do not know how or I would. go to… Continue Reading “Listen to the Hammered Dulicmer.”

Monday music

Well it is another Monday.and while stiing here blogging and visiting the blogs that I like to visit.I’m endulging in listening to one of my favorite things to listen to.Yes it is Hammered dulicmer music! The CD that I’m currently listening to is A… Continue Reading “Monday music”

More on the Hammered Dulicmer

Today I’m going to sing the praises of three people that played a part of my learning the Hammered Dulicmer. The first two People had made video tapes that helped me.Mr.Dennis Lee of Texas Music and Videos who made learn the Hammered Dulicmer,who by… Continue Reading “More on the Hammered Dulicmer”

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