blogger strikes again.

The subject of this rant it that blogger seems to just loves to piss me off. the other day it would not co-operate when I tried to load a you tube today I’m trying to add to the RAMBLING STUFF THE AWARDS ADDITION some of the awards that I have and guess what I keep getting an internal error message.for all the maintenance that blogger is down for you would thing that they would have all these problems fixed by now.But No that seems to be impossible for them to do.

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  1. I feel for you on this issue because I\’ve had similar experiences periodically with Blogger in my first 6 months of blogging. I believe these \’glitches\’ happen when they\’re \’upgrading\’ the system and/or \’adding or modifying\’ the way features work. That said, in my experience things eventually \’work out\’ … though not necessarily in the \’time frame\’ I\’d like them to. I advise \’patience\’ because life\’s just too short to give much energy to such \’stressors\’ … especially when you can\’t really DO anything about them at the time. I know there are other \’platforms\’ but I\’ve read of folks complaining about them too … so it may be \’pick your poison\’ and live with it time. I hope it all gets \’fixed\’ soon.Hugs and blessings.

  2. Ugh, so sorry to hear about this. I really disliked running into issues like this when I used Blogger. I hope they fix this soon.

  3. I know the feeling, as you know. This thing seems to piss me off on a daily basis. Thats why I stopped blogging for a while. ARGGGG! Btw, I love your music, it is awesome, totally groovy! I was deffinately born in the wrong era, I would have loved to go to woodstock! Flower power, and peace out!

  4. Storyteller,when I go on the rants that I go on it gets the garbadge out of my system.Sandy C.I keep my hair cut short that way I won\’t be tempted to pull it out when I start gettting frustrated.Sandra,it can only drive you to a point if you let it. Brandy,I was just a little too you to go to woodstock,and even if I did my parents probly would have banned mt to my room for life.Of course it would have been worth it to have been there.

  5. Hi Mike,Yep, I sometimes have problems with blogger as well. Blogger requires a lot of patience, which I often lack. lol.Have a great weekend.Renie

  6. Gene,yep computers are our friend,blogger on the other hand,that up for debate.Renie,I think that every time they ar blogger fix things it causes more problems that fixes them.

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