So far

So far I have had one person post their desk top on their site and reported back to me.Jennifer is the first one and I linked to her site so you can go see her desktop.I liked the cupcake.
I will give a mention to you as well if you play along.
I now add Mysti to my list as well. And list List just keeps on growing. I now add my friend Mary to the list.

The latest to join is Valarie she has a great photo on her desktop.

5 Comments on “So far

  1. Hi Mike, I\’ll get to this in the next few days. Sounds like fun.Thanks for stopping by my sister\’s blog!God bless,Brenda ­čÖé

  2. I\’m gonna get to this. But this week I wanted to post the 7 things you tagged me with awhile ago.Sorry for taking so long to get to it, but with sports and Dancing and yada yada yada.Cheers!

  3. I promise I am going to do this. I think its a cute idea. Its neat to see what other people have going on.

  4. Travis,thanks for playing along.Valarie,yes it is fun I saw this a couple of months ago and decided to try it also.

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