well it has happened,I had a seizure while I was takeing a nap and fell out of my bed again This time my BH was down stairs and was not able to keep me in the bed as is the case at night,so if I want to take a nap when she is downstairs that I nap on the couch,if she is napping also that is when I will be napping upstairs.

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  1. Mike,I am so sorry that you had another seizure and fell off the bed. I\’m glad that you take precautions normally and have your BH tries to help you when you have them. Take care of yourself and have a blessed day. Mary

  2. Mary that is all I can do.I\’m blessed that I have my BH to look after me.b other wise I\’d be on my own.

  3. Mike,I am so sorry that you have to endure this problem…I am glad that you did not get hurt…try to stay in the same vicinity as your BH while you are napping…it would be awful if you were to get hurt while taking a nap…

  4. Oh bless your heart, I hope you are feeling better. My friend Henri had some weird episode, not a seizure, but more of a blood sugar thing. They also found that her levels of Dylantin (sp?) were at toxic levels, so she has been in the hospital for several days.

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