Month: May 2008

Hammered Ode to Joy just because it dulicmer playing


I have taken down the play list.I enjoy listening to it.but since every song show an error message on blogger.but on the project plat listis does not.I’m assuming that BLOGGER IS ONCE AGAIN BEING A PAIN IN THE A$$. BLOGGER TYPES(THE ONES THAT CONTROL… Continue Reading “My PLAYLIST”

Just Because.

I have not been able to come up with some witty or even silly stuff,that’s why I’ve been posting a bunch of videos.I have been letting them speak for me.I know that it may get a little boring.But that is the best I can… Continue Reading “Just Because.”

Life cereal: Mikey likes it! this is where my nick name came from

Gordon Lightfoot – The Edmund Fitzgerald – Dedication I used to see this ship docked in Cleveland during the winter.God speed crew members.

Laurel and Hardy Dance To The Gap Band

Jim Croce / Time in a bottle / British Columbia Great song,Great man.

A prayer request

As is my policy if I find a prayer request,I post a link to the person asking for the prayers. Well our fellow blogger MARY Has a relative that needs prayers.please go and offer some moral support as well as to learn about the… Continue Reading “A prayer request”

Buster Keaton Performing Stunts in The General

Jerks of All Trades – 3 stooges Pilot never aired part 1 well here starts the sillyness that I promised.

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