I did it.

I’m not sure how I did this but I have added music to my blog. You can even change a song by just clicking the fast forward symbol and/or clicking on a song futher down the list.
Hope you enjoy my selections.

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  1. I\’m sorry to hear about the seizures and hope you\’re feeling better today after some rest. Congrats on figuring out how to add music. I enjoyed listening to Simon & Garfunkle while leaving my comments today.Hugs and blessings,

  2. Storyteller.I\’m glad that you enjoy the music.I was just touring the different things I could add and some how ended up with music on my blog.

  3. YEA Mike. You are out blogging me by leaps and bounds. I haven\’t learned that yet!!!Thanks for the Birthday wishes for my Hubby!Jen

  4. Hi Mike! Thanks for visiting my blog and for adding me to your blogroll. I was reading your profile – congrats on being sober since 1980. My BIL has been sober since 1999 – I know tough that is!

  5. Hey Mike, I hope you are feeling better on this lovely 1st day of Spring. I can\’t do music because of the slow connection I work from, but I\’m sure it\’s lovely. Thanks for stopping by, and I\’ve blogrolled you.

  6. Jennifer,I learned how to do it by scanning thew different blogger options and trial and error.since I\’m not as computer savey as some people are.Grandy,dont be jealous,just start exploreing the options as I did and play around with the stuff.That\’s what I did and learned how to do stuff.Heather,I like to go from one blog to someone\’s blog list and just see who is out there,and if i like what I see I make a not to visit again and then I decide to add a peoson to my blog as i did with you.Rosie,I can relate to a slow connection.that is why I added the DSL from my phone company.

  7. Travis I was listening to tem ever since they became popular(in the 60\’s)and yes I\’m that old. I also have Simon & Garfunkle,the Moody Blues and some other artists

  8. YAY MIKE! Good job on figuring this out. Maybe I will too someday. I struggled with trying to get a video on last week and couldn\’t figure it out.Hope you are doing better.

  9. Heather,I have only been totally sober since Dec 17 1990 I have been greatfully married since 1980.Sojourner,I even surprise myself sometimes on what I can and cannot do.

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