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the new meds.

The new medication the I have been put on mostlikey eill have to be stopped,it is coausion gme to be confuded and my speechg is not that great,i have amessqge to my doctor ad waitng for a reply.i hopee ican jdur stop it.


Due to the SEIZURES,there will be an electronic bloodbath coming. I have to cut back on computer time,I just have to.That being said the number of blogs that I follow will be reduced greatly.If your blog is deleted,I’m sorry that I did this to… Continue Reading “note.”

an apology

I have to make an apology to all my blog friends. I have not been commenting much lately. I feel like the energy that I once had is ebbing. I read the blogs and just can not come up with some to say. For… Continue Reading “an apology”

when it rains it pours.

Yesterday was not a fun day. last night while sitting here at the computer I started to feel pain in my chest. so we called for an EMS Squad to take me to the hospital. They gave me medications to ease the pain in… Continue Reading “when it rains it pours.”

A word about the video posted just below.

I have posted a disturbing video it may not be suitable for a child to watch. It involves the death of a woman who was mentally ill,and the callous attitude taken about her! THIS IS MY OPINION,BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES,AND THIS IS THE ONLY… Continue Reading “A word about the video posted just below.”

Boy did I blow it this time.

I finally did figure out where the Baby shower was at,Swampy ‘s place. I hope she will understand due to what was going on this week. The bad thing is that I had Swamp’s site confused with a different site. I wish I could… Continue Reading “Boy did I blow it this time.”

when things go wrong.

today has been both fun and not so fun.I have had several seizures through out the day. I am lucky when I just sit and stare off into spaces,that is how some of my seizures start but they progress into shaking,flopping all over the… Continue Reading “when things go wrong.”

a hearty thank you.

Today I visited Projectmommy,she had some flashing kids on her site and I pointed out that it may trigger a seizure in me.I said that I not be able to visit her site if that was up for long.Not I am not saying that… Continue Reading “a hearty thank you.”

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