when things go wrong.

today has been both fun and not so fun.I have had several seizures through out the day. I am lucky when I just sit and stare off into spaces,that is how some of my seizures start but they progress into shaking,flopping all over the place kind of quickly.I cannot just keep upping the meds for the seizures and or taking a lot of different meds for the same problem,they may interfere with the other meds I take for the different things that are going on in this train wreck of a body.
This being said,I’m going to do my breathing treatment eairly and go to bed.That way I can sleep of this monster of a headache that I get after a seizure,and that sometimes that monster shows up as a warning the one is comming. Goodnight everybody.I hope that you had a great day today and a great one tomarrow as well.

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  1. Mike, I\’m so sorry you\’ve had a rough day with all those seizures, I hope you have a better one today.My mother has epilepsy and she has seizures but hers tend to be just that distant staring off, or she twitches her mouth or something…but I do know how draining it is for her so I can imagine it\’s the same for you.Will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Sandra,thank you,if I\’m lucky all I do is stare off into space.Sometimes mine start that way and than procede in a grand mal siezure.

  3. Grandy,I just deal with it as I do with my addiction to booze,take it one day at a time and if need be just five minuits at a time.Noelle,there a people that have things rougher than I do,case in point are the returning service men and women that are copeing with sever injuries and or PTSD.

  4. Hey Mike…. Sorry to hear about the seizures. Sometimes I wonder which is worse on us the disease or the cure. Feel better soon.

  5. Tina,I can only just keep liveing my life one day at atime as far as the seizures go,come to think of it that\’s how I stay sober as well.Jo,I don\’t know what is worse as well the medical problen or the medicines that help with the cure.Given the different medical problems that I have the combination of all the meds I take and or have taken has lead to creating a different problem.I have developed osterporosis. Life happens what else can I say.

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