Celtic music

I was asked if I knew how to find Celtic music.At the time I was asked I said that I did not know of a way to find the music.I am now able to answer that question here is site to find Celitc music online. http://www.celticmusic.com/
I wish I could remember who asked me,unfortunaly I’m at a loss for who asked me.So therefore I’m sure that they are a regular visitor,and I hope the site mentioned helps. I truely hope that every one is haveing a Great Day Today.

4 Comments on “Celtic music

  1. Hey Mike, it was me, Jen. I appreciate the link. I\’ll get my hubby to check it out because he is the one crazy for the stuff! Jen

  2. Jen,I hope that this site is what he is looking if not he can try googling Celtic Music and try some of the other things that pop up,I only listed one site as an example.

  3. Thanks, Mike. That looks like a good site. Besides googling \”Celtic Music\” it wouldn\’t hurt to google \”Irish Music\” or \”Scottish Music.\”Tina

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