a thought about the elections and the state of gas prices.

Here is a thought that I started on some one’s blog,and I would like to expand it for a discussion on my blog.There was a discussion about Hillery vs Obama which would be better.In my opinion both will made a good president.Here is the part that will get interesting either one will need the co-operation of Congress and the senate.The best way for that to happen is when the public press their congressmen and Senators,to back legislation that is needed,if the president does not receive that help he or she will not be an effective president.President Carter was a good example of this. the only other potion is to keep thing business as usual. The biggest difference I hope will be a president that is NOT “owned”by the oil producing countries.if that happens than the price per barrel will continue to go up,we will be forced to pay even higher prices at the pumps and still the oil companies will still be having record profits. I have a reason for saying what I did,and it would seem when our man bush was floundering as a businessman the Saudis helped bail him out.Now as president they and the oil companies dictate his oil policies.and Who loses the lower middle class and the poor.Oh I for got they do not exist.the only one that matter are the Ultra rich and the corporations that get rewarded for taking jobs out of this country to overseas workers who are probably paid pennies a day,so every CEO can pocket millions of dollars a year.

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  1. I’m with you Mike..! And do you know what the sad part of it all is? It’s reported that about 40% of the voters of this country will go to the poles to cast their vote! I think we need a lot more people to make the decisions to run our country efficiently! I’ll bet that at least 60% of those who don’t vote are the very ones that complain and moan and groan about the way this country is run!! Being handicapped, or shut in is not a valid reason for not voting, there is the absentee voting. You being shut in was able to cast your vote…..!Exxon had a $40 BILLION DOLLAR profit last year.. Need I say more..?Jo and I wish you and yours well………JD

  2. J.D. Thanks for the visit and your comments.well thais is what happens when your energy policies are dictated by the oil companies and the oil suppliers. I know I will just agrevats some republicans with this statement,but the truth is we are getting screwed,that is why I\’m nolonger a republican my self.Nixon did me in as far as supporting the party with his \’dirty tricks dept.\”

  3. Mike,You are right. We the people need to pay close attention when the next president takes office. If Obama or Hillary win, I think whichever one wins will pursue an energy policy designed to get us off our dependence of foreign oil. That president will need us to push our Senators and Representatives to support this long overdue legislation!Tina

  4. they will only be able to do what the congress and the senate are willing to cooperate on,and to make sure they and the president are on the same pages we as the public must be one out representives A$$s to make sure things get done.

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