Something that really bugs me

I’m about to say something thats on my mind,but before I do I want to remind every one that this is a free country and i have a right to voice my opinion.
This being said.the same night that Officer D.Owens was shot by a suspect.The CPD was called to a home where a man with a knife lunged at them and they shot and killed the man. Then a relitive was crying on T.V. that the man did not have to die and why did the cops kill him.Now is this person stupid?the man did not have to die all he had to do was comply with the officers orders to drop the knife,and he would have gone to jail but still been alive he chose to try to attack police with a knife.If I was one of the officers I would have fired my gun,I want to live as much as the next person,and would I have been upset if I had been in the shoes of the police,yes I would have been verry do not lightly pull out you weapon and point it at someone.You do that because you are forced to by the suspect,and if the suspect puts you in fear for you own life,and shooting and killing the suspect is your only option that you do just that.
than you have to live with the thought that you just someones life.That is a heavy burden that a Police officer or any law inforcement officer faces every day that they are on duty.

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  1. Hi Mike,First of all, to address this post: All I can say is AMEN! My son is a police officer and the lead man of their S.W.A.T. Team, so you know I worry about this. He is also a husband and father of 2. I try to leave it in God\’s hands, but you know..I\’m a mother!I will pray for this family.I\’ve had some health problems so I hadn\’t been here in a few days. Looks like congrats are in order! You did it..hammered dulcimer videos!! They are just beautiful. I love Celtic speaks to my soul!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Celestine!! I wish you many more.I also saw that you were having problems too. I sure hope you\’re doing much better now.Hugs,Hope

  2. Good Morning Mike,I am sorry to hear of the officer dying and will be keeping his Family in my prayers. I used to work for a Police Department, but it was a small town Police Department. I never experienced or seen anything like this happen before, but I have seen some bad things while I was working there tho. I was a dispatcher for the Police Department. I had to work with Police Officers, Fire Department, and Ambulance Personnel. I dispatched for all 3 departments. I worked nights and sometimes I was even scared myself. One never knows what someone will come in and do. Last year there was a similar situation that happened in West Memphis, AR. Two young boys were outside one night and a couple of Police Officers drove by and one of the officers thougth he saw one of the boys with a gun and shot him and killed him. There is no need for things like that. They had a big deal on the situation and had some big ralleys on it as well. \”HAPPY BELATED 28th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY\” to you and Celestine. May you both have many wonderful years together. Your blog is looking real good and you are doing a great job with it. I enjoy the hearing the music as well. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

  3. Mike, I agree, the officer needed to defend himself against the attack. I think the family may need time to understand that. Right now they are grieving. Hopefully, some day they will see that their relative made a very bad decision and that is what cost him his life. your blogging pal,Tina

  4. Mike, this is the first time I have been to your blog and I applaud you for speaking your mind. I have to agree that person didn\’t have to die if only they would have not done what they did the officer had to protect himself. What is wrong with people that is my question all the time.May I add you to my sidebar. I am going to show my hubby your blog as he would enjoy reading it also.

  5. Hope since you Son is a police officer He knows first hand the dangers faced by the police,even if it is not a big town the dangers are there,God Bless him for putting on his Badge every time he does.Karen,thank you for the great wishes for Celestine and I.Being a dispatcher is something that I donot think I could do especially if something happend to the people that I worked with.It was bad enough being a corrections officer.Tina,I truely hope that family relizes that their family member gave the cops no choise.As I had stated If I was in that situation I would have done the same thing and than regreted it for the rest of my life.Anne,thank you for the visit,and if you want to add me to you blog roll go right ahead.You are welcomed to visit me any time.God Bless.

  6. There are actually sickos who commit \”suicide by cop\” where they want the police to kill them. That sucks to bring those heroes into their drama. I will pray for Officer Owens and his family.

  7. It is sad that men and women that risk their lives every day to protect us and our rights have to act as targets for those that think they are above the law. I am so sorry to hear of the officer that died. I will keep his family in my prayers.

  8. Mal,yes there are cowards that waht to die so they get a cop to do it for them.That totally discusses me.If a person wants to die so badly let the go jump off a bridge,instead of screwing up someones mind for the rest of their life.I had a friend that had to be put into the jail for a while he could not handle being a deputie on the streets for a long time after he was in a shooting incident.Jo I can\’t agree with you more.the really sad thing was the officer Owens really cared about trying to help the young men and women to see that there was a better way than crime.Now there are several families that have been touched bt this loss.Officer owens family and the killer\’s family as well.All for what?

  9. We ask our law enforement professionals to walk a very fine line…one few of us understand or would walk ourselves. We hold them to such a high standard.One always hopes that they never have to use deadly force. But when they are forced to, then we should do our best not to pass judgement.That\’s my 2 cents, adjusted for inflation. Or maybe I should say that\’s my dime, on account of the recession!

  10. Mike, I agree with both your post and the comments. It\’s a shame that the true loss here is lost in the drama of the idiocy.

  11. Although I have compassion for the family of the reprobate that shot the officer to start with, I am completey with you. I am thankful for our police officers and the scrutiny that they have to under go to protect and serve.Jen

  12. Grandy,as every Police/Law enforcement officer knows in the back of his or her mind that the possibilty is that some day they might not get to go home,so they do the best they can with what they have.Jen,yes that is sad fact but a true one.We want the law enforcement officers to do their jobs and possibly lay their lives down for us,but don\’t take my family menbers life even if they try to kill you.why is there such a double standard???

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